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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

My Sunday started with me cleaning the house. Dad's requirement; want go out? Clean house first.

Good tactic he has used over the years. Sure works on us. Of course the ocassional bending of the 'law': go back I clean..Haha..Dad has definitely loosened his 'reign' over us over the years. We're all growing up. He went as far as not raising an eye-brow when he heard about my kiddo sister's bf. Wahaha..so not fair..the last time I had a bf, the house was in total pandemonium. I'm not joking.

So anyway, went to watch Harry Potter. I slept a couple of times. It was that bad. Think i spoke too soon when the movie started, told my sister, "I'm so buying the DVD". It must have jinxed the show. I think it was too much talk, too little magic and action. Bleah..But I've always wished Hermione ends up with Harry. Both look so cute tgt. But just a hunch, Ron's little sister could end up with Harry in the last book. Just a hunch, her powers seem quite powerful in the show. Ok enough of my hunches.

So had lunch with sis while waiting for cuzzie to come. Bought this little miniature parfum, that I smelt in Langkawi airport place. Went to my regular shop in Lucky Plaza and asked for discount as usual. The Indian uncle asked his 'boss' and he said ok. Haha..Must be the Indian in me man, brother-sister hood..haha..

Shirin arrived and we went jalan jalan a while. Sat down at the Island Cafe (Island shop's cafe at Level 4 Isetan). Quite a nice place to get away from the crowd in town.

Sister went back after that and Shirin and me headed to Bugis next to change my top from Topshop. She brought me to this nice Ayam Percik makan place opposite Shaw Towers. The chicken was cooked just nice. Real crispy and delicious. But so pedas!! Fuuuh...But you guys should go try it.. Sedap!

Right right, gotta go..selling phone in Chong Pang...

I'm not thin, neither am i fat. But so what?

7:06 PM

Monday, July 16, 2007
I've experienced love. True love.

Been through the whole myriad of emotions that came along with it.

The butterflies in your stomach whenever you're meeting him soon, knowing you'll meet him soon. Gushing about how good looking he is, and that indeed, he thinks you look pretty yourself. Just wondering, how in the world you got such a great catch. Knowing he likes you and you like him back.

The end of the honeymoon period. When reality sets in, when you see the real person, his antics, his interests/his passion (other than you of course), his dislikes, etc. Jealousy also comes in during this phase too. When you feel you have a certain right and that he belongs to you. No- other-girl-better-not-dare-to-be-funny-with-him phase. When you learn that there's more to him than the handsome face, such as his amazing brains for eg.

The next phase would probably be when you realise you're really in love with this person. Memorise the way he smiles, laughs and how his hand feels on your hand, etc. How he somehow always never fail to make you smile, make your day. How he fits in your life so good and how his support, comments and feelings mean a whole damn lot to you. At this phase too, that certain amount of possessive-ness continues.

Some months lead into some years, and by now, you've grown accustomed to each other. Grown into each other's company, companionship. You both co-exist. There is no him without you and vice-versa. You attend bbqs, friends' gathering, together. You can say, 'Buy 1 get 1 free'.
In this phase, couples tend to take each other for granted, some get bored with the other, some fail to see how much the other is working to make it work.
In the process too, as they go along the years together, some try to change the other. They forgot, Love is about accepting, not changing. Some fall out of love altogether. Some just feel that they've seen what's there to be seen. That the chemistry is lost, the love died. Some find new loves, (with other people; cheating). For some, the environment changed, changes in their routine and life makes them ponder if the relationship is worth continuing. Or even worse, some just go on with the relationship, not realising that love has changed to companionship/friendship. Some hang on/cling on because they're afraid of being alone. Many things can happen in this phase. In this phase, you either stick on or get out. But for some, the lucky some, this phase means, greater loving, greater understanding and acceptance, moulding themselves into better people made for loving the other. Some decide to get engaged, some to marry, some save to marry. Either way, they grow more in love with each other, committed to make it work.

For the lucky few, after marriage will be a whole different ball game. Don't have much to say about marriage except I'm not ready! Haha!

As for the not so lucky many, whose relationships didn't manage to pull through, you go through another phase called the Getting-over-It phase. This I've been through and I can say a whole darn lot about it.

I'm not afraid to admit that reminders of the past do linger in my heart and mind. Those happy cherished memories. But memories, are only that. Memories. Till now, I could still cry about what I've lost; a great, true, first love. Just being reminded of how much I was loved and how much I loved. I know for sure that crying over the past, does not mean that I'm not rising from the past. But sometimes, we need to cry to be stronger.
I guess we are in a generation when crying is unacceptable. You're only allowed to cry after a certain period, anything after that period, you're done for, a total cry-baby. Crying does not mean we're weak, it means we're vulnerable at that point of time, opening our hearts is one of the most courageous thing a human can do.

To not feel, is inhumane.

At this point of time, I know I'm getting stronger by the day. Time heals all wounds because we grow to learn managing-mechanisms aka coping with heartpain mechanisms (not listening to the song you both use to, not messaging/chatting with him for some time, etc). Yes of course, singlehood makes one lonely. But for each lonely day, I just think to myself that I thank God, it ended. He's bringing me closer to my next love, hopefully, my life partner. I do wish to be in love now, to get that rush of feeling once more, to have someone I can depend on, love again and be loved.

But till the right guy comes along, I'm happy with friends and family. Without them, I don't know how the heck I could have survived last year. I thank God for them and for what has happened, because God loves me. I'm blessed.

To him, I wish him all the best. We both deserve to be happy with other people, whoever that may be. I had truly loved him and I thank him from the bottom of my heart, for shaping me to where I was. Thank him for loving me, supporting me, the way he did. I could have never asked for a better bf. Yes, Mun, like you said, for moments like this, some people wait forever. We didn't last forever but I didn't have to wait forever for moments we shared. Thank you for everything.

4:50 PM

Monday, July 09, 2007

And then there wer
e four

"And among His signs is this, that He created for you mates from among yourselves, that you may dwell in peace and tranquility with them, and He has put love and mercy between your (hearts): Verily in that are signs for those who reflect" (Quran 30:21)


Attended Evon's wedding last Sunday. Though it was hot, the ceremony was short and definitely sweet. She looked beautiful. Seriously. Gorgeous. Was glad that I was invited to be a part of an important event in her life. Frankly, me and Evon had never been close, we were Primary school mates. She was my head prefect. Didn't get to talk to her much in fact. But well life took a whole different turn. Who would've known, I'd see her in secondary school, go on an overseas trip with her, see her in NIE, rock-climb and also attend her wedding? You never know how life turns out see...

Anyway babe, congrats on your wedding. I wish you much happiness with Danny. May both your lives ahead be filled with laughter, joy and love. You both really look happy with each other. Makes me feel that all hope is not lost yet for me. Haha. Cheers to all happy, committed couples!

Oh yes, I was waiting for the " You may now kiss the bride" part to come in. But it never did. But the couple's cheeky friends were cheering them on to kiss. Hah..."Now married already can kiss on lips". Both of them like shy shy..haha..But they did kiss to please the crowd..

Aha, the pictures...

The gorgeous bride & me

And then there were the four bachelorettes and the happy newly-weds

The kiss that pleased the crowd

Staring into each others' eyes..Awww...

I've said I do!

My ...did Danny's fingers grow?!

Get on with it already!!

Candid shot

Haa...the wedding ring!

5:34 PM

Friday, July 06, 2007
Feelings and thoughts can be complex, I'm not excluded.

Most of the time, we're just trying to make sense of what is happening and react to it the best way we know how.


Planning to catch Dim Sum Ladies in History of Singapore next week! Looks fun and enriching! Haha..since can claim why not just go rite?!

Watched Transformers last Youth day. What a day to revisit memory lane, yeah so I didn't watch Transformers in the past. But this version is waaaaay cooler! Steven Spielberg director mah..Effects and visuals superb! Bumble Bee's car is sooo cool too! I was so going...fwah...Woah all the way..Haha..

The world's favourite magic boy's back with the latest Harry Potter movie! Looks real dark and cool...Definitely catching that one for sure! There's also a Harry Potter lok-alike contest, should send in my sister! Wahaha..So many pple commented already.


Dozing off already on my keyboard. Tomorrow another long day at work, meetings then head home, clean my room after the aircon people fixed the new one up, head to Lil India for Naan with my mates! Can't imagine working 8-5pm! I'll prob just die after a month!

12:11 AM


Lemme think...
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