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Monday, August 29, 2005
It's raining outside. A very rare sight.

It's been a while since my last post. I also realised tt nowa-months, i've been doing monthly updates.

School is closing next week! So fast and a term is going to pass.

Assignments are piling up; projects, read-ups..The readings are endless..especially educational psychology module..

My English module is very technical unlike Literature! Why do we use 'have been reading'? What are auxiliary verbs? Modal verbs? What are the characteristics and tests tt we can run to define words as constituents?

Math was really terrible with a lecturer tt says, "Please look thru ur nose (notes)...One minnion (million)"..Had a hard time figuring out what he was trying to say..what more the syllabus where i had to study numerical systems..my my..which reminds me of this Thurs's quiz..

I also joined this Service Learning Club. There is a project Polwatta where students are to go to Sri Lanka to help rebuild a school for the tsunami affected area and etc. I decided against going this yr. Maybe next yr when i am more familiar with volunteer work in local projects. Also I commented tt its very rare to find two malay guys leading a club. My friend said, 'well its rare that they can speak proper English' ----> (i know this is really biased to malay guys but well just shows the malay guys me and my friends are exposed to all these yrs!) Mintak ampun banyak-banyak kepada sesiapa yg kecik hati..haaha..

But life is good. Timetable is very good. Monday and Tuesdays end at 230. Wed no school till sept 19 when another module starts. Thurs only one class from and end at 230. Fri end at 1230. Good life or what?!

Now i have the time to do independent studying, having a life with friends and family..do tuition and Mendaki..

Life is good at the moment. Only very sleepy now. Oh yes, my previous school was very nice and invited my grp of contract teacher friends to come for the Teachers' day dinner! The school welfare council is very gd! Yay! Free food!

Okay i better leave...Yawning like a lion already..Gotta update more short and regular posts! Note to self.

Current likes: French Vanilla candles (big, huge ones tt lasts for days/weeks)

10:47 PM


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