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Monday, November 14, 2005

Taken with my new Nokia 6681.. At Puteri Pan Pacific JB for breaking fast.. Posted by Picasa

6:26 PM

A: Hey you girls read the news on this teacher who has a blog and she sells sex toys?

B: Oh yeah! Wonder what happened to her..Hope she's not serving her bond man..

Anyway, the crux of the matter was a friend of mine was saying its just wrong for a teacher to be selling sex toys. She wont want to send her kid to a school where she knows a teacher is doing such deeds..

While my other friend, thinks its fine so long as she does not reveal she's a teacher.. saying a teacher has to uphold her image and all..IF her/his student finds out, he'll totally lose respect for the teacher.

I myself said that these things are getting more normal for teachers nowadays..Teaching is no longer a vocation, but a job..Mostly among the young teachers..NIE trainees are perfect examples.. Some dress like they're going clubbing, when in school..Haaha..Now you guys know ah..

We henceforth concluded that this deed is fine so long her work is not mixed with 'play' (haha...innuendo here). OF cuz we dont question why she's selling sex toys la..a teacher could have had a hung over and i still think its acceptable so long as she can deliver her lessons proper..

A teacher deserves and has a right to 'play'.

Oh yah..would like to recount what happened when i was out visiting to my Aunt's place for Raya. My niece who isnt so close to me knew i was a teacher..

Cousin: Eh, Kak Fizah is a teacher know..
Niece: Then what is she doing here Mummy?
Cousin: Teachers also go out..Just that you dont see them..

Point to note: Students do get very shocked when they see teachers outside of school. For them, teachers only exist in their school. I guess we all can identfy with that rite? I know I used to be like that..Haaha..

Anyway, just to share what happened today..

Went to play pool at causeway Point...Liza said she felt like bringing Nuns to a bar..Haaha...cz my sister, me and Ais are wearing tudungs..Heh..

Met an NIE friend Annabelle supposedly to study..We did for an hour then continued pool..Haaha....getting addicted..

Heard about that new show..Exorcism of Emily Rose..How scary..gotta catch it with the girls soon..

Oh yeah i booked Harry Potter's show for next week! Haaha...I must sound so nerdy and kiddish..But i dont care! =)

Alrite..enough of my stream of consciousness...peace out..

5:52 PM

Finally caught Fahrenheit 9/11..

Many emotions were going through me..

Anger..Anger that such twisted things do happen..

Amused..Amused that stupid things do happen..

Disgusted..Disgusted that he is so arrogant and selfish..

Ah crap..You guys should watch it..The truth has to be known..

After all it did not win an award in the Cannes Film Festival for nothing rite?

5:41 PM

Friday, November 04, 2005
Hmm...as usual..its been MONTHS! since my last post..


. HARI RAYA is here!
. TERM BREAK is here!
. had some friends 'drama' towards the end of the term week
. some back stabbing and misunderstanding..
. realised that with a friend like these..i dont need enemies..
. 2 more exam papers are still unfinished..still have Math and Science
. Ais came to campus for a few days after being done with her contract job..We didnt get to entertain her as much as we'd like to..what with projects assignments and all the craziness going on..But I hope she knows we tried our best yar?
. ALL my assignments, projects are finished! FINITO! (so glad!)

Thats about all for now..will keep on posting regularly now that i have more free time on my hands....

Peace out!

7:50 AM


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