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Wednesday, April 27, 2005
Unfolding the hazards of a teacher;

The next time you visit the bookstore or 'cute' stores such as Mini Toons, check out for these people!

1. Young looking people looking at red pens! (teachers who ran out of them or teachers who are looking for the most comfortable pens around)

2. Young looking people looking at cute, shiny, cheap stickers! Nice,cute stamps! (teachers who got 'lobang' abt the newest shop selling stickers at budget prices)

3. Young looking people looking at colourful pencil cases! (teachers who have been walking around students' tables and admiring their brightly-coloured, cute pencil cases)

4. Young looking people at assesment book areas of the bookstore! (teachers looking for good, extensive books for their students to do)

5. Young looking people looking at educational toys! (teachers thinking of ways to get their naughty students to pay attention in class! And those weak ones to actually look interested in class!!)

6. Young looking people lugging heavy bags of say what looks like worksheets in their bags, desperately looking for stationery on the 30th Sept! (teachers who are doing last minute gift-shopping for their students)

7. You overhear people saying things like, 'they should have memberships and special discounts for teachers man!'

Oh yes the last one cant be spotted in a bookstore, but keep a watchful eye for these people...

8. Young looking people who walk around with rubber bands on their wrists and act as though nothing is wrong and as if rubber bands are the newest accessories in town. When in fact, they're only the cheaper versions of the sports bands! Aha!

Oh yes, they are teachers alright! They complain about kids! How good they felt when they made a naughty kid cry!!Haha...They're not without a heart. They're just overworked, underpaid but very loved. *wink*

11:15 PM

22 May, Vesak Day, Big Walk

On this date, I'd be joining thousands other Singaporeans on this 10km walk. It was i think 6 yrs since i last did the Big Walk.

This year it's with my colleagues and sec sch friends. Hope to have a gd day with my girlfriends chatting then, sweating it out and such. Of cuz shopping in town would come later!!Haha!

Thank god the next day is also a holiday! Can recuperate! And it'd be the last wk of sch!


10:28 PM

Monday, April 25, 2005

Someone asked "Who's the babe?" Posted by Hello

8:56 AM

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Ash caught in action! Sleeping with the soft toy duckie and towel-blanket! Sleeping on sheep skin! Posted by Hello

10:59 PM

Ash being fed milk... Posted by Hello

10:56 PM

Tuesday, 19 March 2005

The letter is in.

The letter of acceptance into NIE is in my hands!

The letter that will decide my fate for the next 5 years.

Not excited. Just relieved. No more apprehension.

The kitten is in too!

Latha ji found a kitten in front of her door and offered it to me.

Apparently this kitty has a large fan base! On its first day its already doing tours! (it was passed to the pri 2 classes for the students to view,mostly the teachers themselves go kushy-kushy and gaga over him) Another colleague also brought her digi cam along to take a pic of him! My my...

Went to Causeway Point's Pet Station after work to buy his toy (a mouse-like toy which he is scared of @ the moment), his Iambs trial dry food, Friskies wet food (tuna and chicken), Lavendar Shampoo (its the cheapest one ard!) and Multi-vitamins. He is so scrawny and thin.

Okay..shall post pics of him..

10:38 PM

Monday, April 18, 2005
I have a confession to make. I'm a Body Shop addict.

How it happened?
I can tell you exactly how. Hanging out with dear fellow CT (Latha-ji) at Chinatown shopping centre. She squeals, "Eh Body Shop!" Okok..cant blame it on her..i mean i could have chosen not to get those stuff...BUT i DID.

How it got worse?
I applied for membership. 10% percent off their products for a year.With some good rebates here and there. 20% off products on my birthday month. (Which i have to remind u guys is on the 12th of JUNE...Haaha...so no excuse to say forgot ah people!!!) 20% off for two promotional weeks after tt membership sign-up.
So make-up, brazil nut moisture mask,honey conditioner, manuka shampoo, vitamin E face moisturiser, Peppermint foot scrub, Pepermint foot lotion, body wash, Vitamin E face and body soap, Apricot facial cleanser, Passion fruit body scrub came from there. The rest of it i wish not to elaborate.

How it is now?
I resolved to not get anymore of their products till it has ran out. But i just did it again. Yesterday.

How i feel about it?
Great actually! BODY shop products are really good! Worth the $$$ cuz you dun have to use a lot! The smell of the products is really great!

What you've just witnessed?

This is an advertisement by an unofficial ambassador of body shop. A believer in their products. An addict inevitably.

11:13 AM

Sunday, April 17, 2005
This blog is to unfold my origin..


Oh well...to clear any misconceptions..

My grandmother is chinese.
She was adopted by a malay family.

That should answer your questions about why i look the way i do.

Oh yeah, just for ur info..the baby in my blog is my cousin. Yeah someone says he looks korean. He is the younger generation of my young family.

Gotta time out now..Lesson plan time..Tmr still gotta be stand-by oral examiner...Shucks...

11:50 PM

My latest craze..Raiyan.. Posted by Hello

9:00 PM

Zabooma-Foo! Fragile Forest in the Zoo..Cool place.. Posted by Hello

8:51 PM

Another one selling for just 7 dollars! Posted by Hello

8:34 PM

One of the earrings i am selling! Posted by Hello

8:33 PM

I'm patiently waiting for the letter from NIE to come. The letter that will tie me to MOE for 5 years! And i'm waiting for it?!

Man..the anticipation is killing me..So this was me last thursday..The day i was going to the Bird Park with my class...

Recorded the phone nos of my students. All 39 of them..Tried eating the lunch my fellow CT bought for me..too hot..didnt finish..

Fellow CT came into staff lounge which is where i sit and happily announced "Fizah!!! I got the letter!!!" "Oh no...is mine in my intray?" Fizah thinks..

Went down to office to check...not there....panicked a bit...oh shit..where is mine...Figured tt since i registered later, mine will be later too...

Oh well, when it comes it comes..

P/s: i'm writing this while am sick..And a friend just reminded me i havent been updating my blog..Haaha..

7:45 PM


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