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Monday, November 27, 2006
Had to give an assembly talk on Monday with Bel, one of my team mates from the Sikkim team at Xishan Primary. Our usual post expedition talks. Thereafter had Surabaya project meeting at NIE and went back. The project preparations are going well..however there are not many people going. The dates are just bad for the Yr 1s with their GESL and their exams. No escaping that..If all goes well the team will be flying next Friday (by the time i post this, the team flew last Friday..haha..)..hopefully all goes well there as well..=)

On Tuesday went to Pasir Ris bungalow, near Pasir Ris Park which my dad booked. One of the PSA bungalows. Really huge and really nice! Had the girls come over on Wed. We finally managed to teach Aisyah how to ride a bike..Keke..Hope she doesnt mind me mentioning it to all..Hee..The pic with liza and Ais above, is before Liza did a split..Haha...Freaking funny..She somehow couldnt bring herself to put her legs tgt..so it just went and split..Didnt know she had it in her man...Kekeke..Also had a bbq that night with my relatives coming and all..was very busy but had fun..also had a waterbomb session with my cuzzies..haha..lame la..usually i wont put myself thru these juvenile stuff but ah well..my cuzzies wanted me in..=) My 1 and only jeans got drenched..had to sleep with damp jeans..heh..We headed back on Thurs night..
i went to a play in the Esplanade in the evening, 'melayu.com.sg'. Was after a long time that i watched, and my first Malay play..so my expecatations wasnt high..since there wasnt any first experience to compare it to..it was good but i felt it was a chaotic play. I guess the director meant it to be like that..That in this busy world, we get information from all directions..all media..newspaper, internet, television...etc..that the world does not stop for you..(actually in the play wat happened was tt when each character was telling us about their problems, other characters are moving along in the background with music playing. This equates to when you are facing problems or going about your own life, the world does not stop for you.)
lot of the Malay community problems were portrayed..tudung girl being pregnant, lesbian girl torn between her lover and societal expectations, blind man in the street talking about what he notices about the malay community (though he's blind in the eyes, his heart is not blind to his surroundings), a malay mat with tatoos finding God in a pub, and many other characters.
What i find baffling is that there are no solutions nor a clear indication of how the director plans on taking the audience after the performance. We were left somehow unsatisfied and dazed by the performance. Like, so we know the problems that our community is facing..now what? Where do we go from here?
I guess the director himself has no answers to it. Maybe he just wants us to not judge people by their covers. Not to dismiss a mat as a goner, not to expect a tudung girl to be perfect..
I guess that is what we are all too often guilty of. Guilty of judging people by their looks and not their actions. Guilty of condemning a person and not their actions. Its a good reminder to all of us to give a person the benefit of the doubt and to think the best of a person before he proves himself otherwise with his actions. Who are we to label a person, goner or loser? Only God decides.
We can only choose to help or if not, remind ourselves and to take their mistakes as examples that we should not follow. Everyone makes mistakes. So let's give them the yellow ribbon..Heee...Oh well this topic is getting too heavy to handle anymore for tonight..

Oh yes, about guys with appeal. Couldnt believe great hair caught my eyes, but the person with this great hair had a great looking face to match! Hee..this guitarist in the band that was playing in the play as background music was just great looking..Cant keep my eyes of you..Cuci mata..sekali sekala..Heee...Will post again soon!

2:15 AM

Saturday, November 18, 2006
Darn computers...

I had a post here a while back and somehow i clicked something accidentally and kazoom....Gone!

Anyway tis was wat i wrote..

Had a newspaper collection at Jurong area last week. Was a new-s experience. We were given the noisy hings that karung guni men use to sound their alarms..Haha..Made me realise that they dun have it easy as they really work for their dollar. Imagine..1kg of newspaper is worth 10 cents. 1kg of old clothes is 40 cents. Puts perspective to earning money man..No joke! Even best are those that you knock on their doors and they ignore your presence. Sheesh..Some even throw their newspapers on the floor and we were left to tie the stuff with the raffia. No smile..no thanks.. Freaking rude..

Everyone was happy happy collecting..One thing syiok about working with the Green Club is that all of them are friendly and nice..Wacky and funny..Of cuz its no wonder with Jabbar as the Chairman..that joker..

Left at 2 for my yrly jalan raya..small group but it was nice nonetheless..managed to catch up and be in the loop with wats happening in their lives..Fazli asked if i wanna take a riding licence..haha..I think its cool to ride a bike..but i think of the safety aspect and the fact that my dad will probably flip upside down, inside out..i think..better NOT! =) But guys with cool bikes have great appeal..keke..

Speaking of guys with appeal...haha..shall continue in my next post..=P

7:03 PM


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