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Sunday, February 27, 2005
Muslims seek forgiveness from elders every yr during Hari Raya. Every year my sisters and i would cringe and dread thinking of how awkward it'd be to ask for forgiveness in such formal conditions.Its something my parents insist happen on the first day of raya.We always managed to do it candidly with smiles every year till last raya.The emotional choked-up throat..finally happened to me..

I remember holding my mother's hands in both my hands, bending down to kiss her hands, simultaneously asking for forgiveness..for those times i was rude, plain impatient, egoistic to admit my mistakes, follies of being young..i didnt manage to complete what i had to say before the tears started falling.. the same thing happened with my dad. Both parents and eldest sister was tearing...my both sisters..scurrying away to avoid the emotional tension..They got away...last yr...

The formalities shed off the awkwardness i had felt in those years when i cringed to ask forgiveness.Shed off the ego i had.Reaffirmed me of the love parents have for their children.No matter how much they've been hurt..

So dear all, treasure them, remember them before u start regretting about what u could've told them, done for them..Parents, grandparents, siblings, friends..

This is a tribute to Ikhwan's mother who had passed away last week due to cancer. Lets pray the family gets through this hardship and loss with acceptance and grace..

1:26 AM

Hey guys, girls for the feminist,
Dear All,

This is officially my second go at blogging.. So wish me luck dear people..
My first one was a goner cuz of a lack of commitment to keep posting..so this one will be better i promise..(more promising to myself!)

Through this, i hope to keep in touch with my friends tt i'm too busy to call or sms or meet up...hope this can keep u updated of whats on in my life..Do hope to get ur comments/posts..

Enjoy ur weekend!

1:02 AM


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