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Saturday, August 26, 2006
Hi all...

Realised that I have not been updating since week 1 of school and now is week 3.

Anyway, a quickie update..

was involved in this Fun with Bats workshop where we teach participants about bats, their habitat, eating habits and how they are useful to us. Also put up a wayang kulit to teach participants. However, it was cancelled due to lack of response from the NIE folks. Everyone was pretty disappointed but great news was that we're gonna be working with Cedar Primary to make it on a greater scale than the NIE Learning festival.

Met up with my Sikkim team to settle some loose ends, their assembly dates with the schools, people to help with the exhibition on 31st Aug in the opening of the U.I.D.

Had my DED seminar in class on Monday. The class loved the video including the tutor. Hope we get at least an A on that one.

My focus this sem is on my studies. Now i have more time to worry about my grades than ever. Not gonna screw it again man..Cant afford to.

Went to Samar cafe yesterday. Was great ambience but very ex drinks man. They had a live band performing for a private function yesterday at the second floor of the cafe. Was a great place, great music and company. Do go there for a Middle Eastern experience! Managed to click one pic of me at the cafe.

Also bought my Sheila Majid's Lagenda album. The songs are super great! Hadi Mirza was singing Lagenda last week but i felt it was not as great as the original though. Heh..But then again our Sg idols...sigh wat can i say..

- Nobody said it was gonna be easy, but we try anyhow -

6:00 PM

Thursday, August 10, 2006
Today was the end of my first wk of semester 2 in NIE.

Note today is Thurs. And that means my week in school ends on Thursday..meaning i have a 4 day sch week! Haaha..but there are luckier ones having 3 day sch week...Time table is much better compared to my last semester which was real bad..packed..

Anyway this week was pretty short since we had yesterday's National Day holiday and Tuesday's half day.

Well i had DCM today. Was a long 3 hour class in the morning. Was sooo sleepy but got better after the 5 min break. Had my apple and my tutor assigned us problem solving sums to do. Very hard. And i mean hard. Things like ACB+ABC= ACB. Find the values of A,B and C. And these are for our P4-6 to do. Imagine. But it was fun cuz we were all cracking our brains to solve it.

Thereafter had a short discussion with my DED group to discuss for our next seminar/presentation. We're doing on Education,Society and Schools. Planning to do a video. Went well. Had a hurried lunch with Haliah and we went off to practise for the Fun with Bats workshop. Was interesting. Teaching about bats using wayang kulit. But more can be done to make the skit more polished. Was searching for indonesian Gamelan music, forest and crickets sounds to make it more authentic.

Finally went back home. Was tired, got online a while, check mails and slept.

Today was a productive day. Gd Gd.

Tmr catching Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna with Haliah! Finally found a Hindi show kaki to watch with me! Cant wait to catch my favourite stars! Managed to capture 2 pics when going home. Here they are...

10:29 PM

Sunday, August 06, 2006

1:55 PM

Saturday, August 05, 2006
Started my day off with Mendaki till noon.

Had lunch with Renuka, an old secondary school friend. Was great fun catching up with her. Didnt realise how much i've missed out on her life till we started chatting up. Guess that happens to old friends who have not been meeting up. But wats important is that we were able to pick up where we left off. =)

Went to Amore for around 2 and a half hours, running on the threadmill, crosstraining, did some weights. For those of you who have not been updated, i joined Amore last March. Decided to do something about my health. Was a good decision made. Feel healthier now man. No more huffing and puffing after hikin up the Batu Caves in NIE. Haaha..

Met my old supervisor back in my contract school in CWP while waiting for Nazurah to meet me and go back tgt.

Parents went off to Mersing for their 22nd anniversary. Not coming back till tmr. Maybe tmr we watching the fireworks at Marina. Some family time at least. Been so busy with SLC this week that i didnt get to spend time with them.

Didnt remember to click some photos with Ren, if not would've posted them here. Heh. Me and my camera are inseparable. Where Fizah goes, the camera follows. Yet to come up with a name for my cam leh..Hmmm...

Right, peace out.

8:20 PM

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Wanna wish a happy 21st to my friend, Azhar!

Hey you, Happy Birthday! Wish you happiness with your sweetie, family and friends!

May the year bring you success and wisdom!

Enjoy ur 21st year! We're young only once! Live it!

11:33 PM

Wednesday, August 02, 2006
Somehow love this song now..Am trying to get the song in my blog..4 those of u still dling song..u may wanna check out this song. Hauntingly nice..Love the drums and guitars..Sigh..

Keeping up appearances
Keeping up with the Jones'
Fooling my selfish heart
Going through the motions

But I'm fooling myself
I'm fooling myself
Cause you say you love me
And then you do it again, you do it again
You say your sorry's
And then you do it again, you do it again

Everybody thinks you're well
Everybody thinks I'm ill
Watching me fall apart
Falling under your spell

But you're fooling yourself
You're fooling yourself
Cause you say you love me
And then you do it again, you do it again

8:47 AM

Hey buddy..forgot to send you the pics after happily clicking away..Heehe..

But here they are..Happy Belated buddy! Wish you happiness,success, good health and a boyfriend! Keeke..

8:12 AM

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Hey all..

Had an ushering duty to do in NIE for the freshmen for the grandwelcome. Now seeing my cat just woke up from his constant slumber. As always looking cute and sexy with his poses.. I swear this cat is gay. I guess cant help it when most of the occupants of my house are female..=) He also struts like a woman i tell you! Sexy bum..

Anyhow, today was pretty much an uneventful day for me. After ushering, went to ate the food there. Wasnt so great but ok la..then got a lift from Boss and got home. It was so hot, decided to go online. Watch an episode of my One tree hill and sleep.

Woke up feeling rather lost and down. No idea why..Man i shouldnt sleep and wake up at magrib time..bad bad..

Now faithfully blogging. You guys would of cuz notice my more frequent posts..

Thanks for reading my blog guys. Do feel free to drop any comments. However smart and stupid the comments may be..=)

Young and living it!

8:03 PM


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