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Tuesday, May 31, 2005
I have to get my degree.

After being twice rejected from local unis, I reckoned this Dip in Edu is my first shot at a deg. If i do well in my Prac and assignments, I stand a good chance in continuing another 2 years doing the BA in Edu.

For those of you who are not clear on the 2 possible paths a dip trained officer has in attaining her degree, let me explain. I'm 20 this year.

  1. 2 years in dip plus 3 years bond. (Fizah is 25) An officer can only apply for a deg in SIM thru MOE after the completion of her 3 yr bond. Deg completion takes at most 4 years. (Fizah is 29) 2 more years of bond with MOE. (Fizah is 31)
  2. 2 years in dip and 2 years for BA in Edu. (Fizah is 24) 5 years bond with MOE. (Fizah is 29)
The choice is clear. Path number 2 is the way to go. I do not want to be 29 with a degree.

Like we've agreed Latha, 'Slap Me If I'm Slacking In NIE'. Maz and Liza want to join the club?

5:04 PM

Things to get done by this June holidays:

4:51 PM

I saw this on my way home from work one day.

An old Indian couple walking down a slope from the field near my place. The old man was holding his wife's hand steadying her as she walked down the slope.

Cant help but smile at the sweetness of their love! Epitome of sweetness!

4:44 PM

Tuesday, May 17, 2005
Warning: Not for those suffering from ADHD (wink! wink! Vion). Laborious content coming your way.

8.15 am --
Touch Down in school

8.30 am -- Getting the kids to settle down, put bags in Atlas room and etc

9 am -- Got onto the bus and left school for Hay Dairies

Things I've learnt:

Goat and Sheep not the same. Sheep meat is called mutton. Goat's meat is called what? Goat's meat is called what class? Chevon! The place where milk is stored is called what? Udder!

Andre and I got the impression that goats are like milk-producing factories. They are ready to mate at 9 months (abt there). They carry the little goats in their tummies for 5 months. Live 9 more months of their lives being milked..eat..being milked..etc..No more milk? Go mate and some more milk will come..

Fastforwarded to 11 30 am in school.

Lunch with Vion and Jovyn. Chit chat. Stomach churning thinking abt how rowdy my class will be on the stage! Thank you Eric for helping me with the CD!

1 pm
My kids in the end didnt do too bad. Of cuz the rapper-boys were a little bit too excited and uncontrollable behind the stage. Almost wanted to knock my head against the wall and pretend to faint. Sigh sigh...


Painting lesson with 2D.


Free periods.


Health Ed with 3B.


Rushed thro the English SA1 paper. Did item analysis. A killer!! Some of them were so cute they held the hands of their friends straight so tt i i can count easier and wont be irritated with them!

6.20 pm-7pm

Cycled home. So tired i wasnt seeing straight. Almost fell off the bike.

7pm- 8pm

Played with Ash. Had dinner. Showered.


Watched Charmed. Such sweet ending. 'Never give up on love' was the lesson learnt.

9pm till i sleep

Blogging. Check emails. Wash bicycle tyres.

9:53 PM

Monday, May 16, 2005
Hey folks,

This was thought-provoking and hit home.. Enjoy this small excerpt from this book I'm reading..

' Here is a typical eg of how thought can be misunderstood and how this lack of understanding affects us--- "the thinker". Let us pretend that u accidentally spill a glass of water on the floor of a restaurant and look up to see that a man, two tables over, has flashed what u believe to be a disapproving look. You respond with anger. "Whats the matter with that guy?" you think. "Hasnt he ever dropped anything?" Your thoughts about the circumstance make you frustrated, and end up ruining your afternoon. Every few minutes you remember the incident, and as you think about it, you become upset. But the truth of the matter is, that person didnt even see you drop the water. He was in his world, reacting to his own thoughts abt an error he had made at work earlier that day. He couldnt have cared less about you. He didnt even know you existed. We forget that we are only thinking. We fill our heads with false information, which we then intepret as "reality" instead of "thought" '

WE are the thinkers of our own thoughts.

For those of you who found the excerpt interesting. It's 'You Can Be Happy No Matter What' from Richard Carlson.

10:17 PM

Friday, May 13, 2005
' Invest in the human family. Invest in people. Build a little community of those you love and who love you. '

Morrie Schwartz in Tuesdays with Morrie

11:24 PM

Tuesday, May 10, 2005
" Growing old is mandatory, Growing up is optional "

10:35 PM


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