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Wednesday, December 27, 2006
It's depressing seeing how the world is on red alert with environmental disasters. Aceh hit with floods after being hit by the tsunami. Dah jatuh ditimpa tangga. Translated: Fallen already but fell down the stairs. Sigh..

Went to pay a visit to my uncle who lives in JB, Skudai last Sat. His whole village of 500 families were affected by the flood. He was coming back from a wedding on Sun and came back. The flood level was at his roof already. Everything gone; furniture, electrical appliances, his 2 old cars, his goods in his car (he's a pasar malam seller), my cousin's books, everything. He managed to find his passport days later. Its sad to see how his place had turned out. It was full of mud and the river nearby his place was still 3/4 high. Apparently this happened in 2001 but not as bad.

Had kenduri on Sun at my aunt's place. Monday went to Bugis street to shop with my sister. Didn't buy anything. My ketupat bag that i am looking for doesnt come in the pearl-ish colour anymore and its almost 60 bucks. Madness. Anyway cannot spend on that bag anymore. Just got Be delicious. Nice!

Hung out with Lydi and her fiancee yesterday in town after she finished work. They make a great couple. So comfy with each other and he's nice after warming up a little. Wishing them all the best.

Went to NIE with Haliah just now. The place was a ghost town. Went to borrow some books to prepare for my Math LP. Sigh..Holidays also must do work. Unbelievable. We went for Thosai at Lil India with Rai. I must admit eating in that old eatery with them makes me feel like I'm in Calcutta. Haha..old memories..Headed to Mustafa and shopped. Smell and smell the perfumes until confused and dunno which was which. Heh..Had to head back earlier after that cuz we were having a mini celebration for my youngest sis..her bd was during kenduri day.

Gonna destress myself a bit before heading to sleep..Oh yar a recommended read: Notes from an even smaller island by Neil Humphreys is great! Reading it now. So far, so funny and honest.

11:07 PM

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

12:12 AM

Tuesday, December 19, 2006
Ok back to what Azhar said about cats and women.

A: So you have 2 cats now huh?
Me: Yar, why?
A: Oh better not tell you, later you get angry.
Me: Just say la..
A: Well, they say women with cats will be spinsters.
Me: [half wanting to kickbox A but since I was driving, decided against it] What???? So what if i'm single? Blah..blah..

Conclusion: A should know when to shut up sometimes. A's plain irritating. If you're A and you're reading this, you better not be saying this to me between now and till i'm hitched. No wait...between now and forever..which means never again!
If you're not A and you're reading this, just know that spinsterhood is not in my plans..furthermore i'm only 21! Give me a break!! Bleargh!...

11:32 PM

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Ain he cute??? Picked him up from under Mummy's house. 4 months old. Male. Gentle but cheeky kitten. Not up for adoption. I mean it. =)

8:35 AM

My my..it just keeps getting longer since my last update..Heh..

So looking through my calendar now..ok updates from 20th Nov-12 Dec (Pay day!!2.2!2.2!)

I just got news from my sister. Hady has a gf!! Model-chick..Dang! Haha..not that in the first place I'd ever stand a chance..Or rather..not that in the first place I'm so crazy about him..I'm not..really..I'm not la...reeeeally...Ok back to updates..See? Life is about bouncing back on track when news stunt you..Hee...

This marks the end of my loong update..Sorry if its tiring to read..Well you can read it in parts..Just a suggestion..

7:17 AM


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