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Friday, January 26, 2007
I aspire to be more positive thinking this year..be optimistic..Helps me get through the bad times..

Mr Isaac! Mr Isaac Mendez! --- Hiro, Heroes

6:53 PM

Thursday, January 25, 2007
Was watching Tyra Banks Show on the episode 'Unusual Eating Disorders' last few days. Heard all kinds of stories, girl who eat paper, men who are 'manorexic', (yes, you read right, 'manorexic'!), girls who chew then spit out the food and etc. Tyra was commenting that the girl is brave for letting her story be in the limelight of the world which i found was great. Applause should be given to such people who dare face to their flaws, to expose their vulnerabilities, in hope of self realisation and self betterment.

Anyway, had my Math presentation yesterday which went rather well. Thank god i was presenter 1. Had a shocking and emotional news to handle before that, but had to quickly recover from it and put on a good show. Said some mean stuff to that person who hurted me but well let bygones be bygones..Did apologise afterward for my harsh reaction..

After this episode, I'd like to thank my girlfriends (Rai, Maz, Haliah, Ais and Liza! Love you guys!) for being my support net. For being there for me through hard times and good times, my tears and smiles..For being my thrash out emotional buddies. Life is made easier with great friends to accompany you through life.

Was at StarBucks Bugis St yesterday with Ais and stumbled in on their coffee prsentation..They were launching their new coffee and we sampled it, were taught the art of coffee tasting..It was cool..They brought in a basker to play us some songs..Also, I won a voucher from Starbucks..So got a free drink! Heh..shared with Ais and did some girl-bonding..

Some quote worthy stuff from gd friends which I've been mantra-ing to myself:

Keep your heart intact.

Most of the time we are strong, sometimes we're weak. Forgive yourself for that moment and get on.

Don't frown minah, I know you're frowning on the other end!

Be gentle to yourself, you're only 21! Take it easy..Can you imagine yourself at 30?!

Once again, would like to thank my friends, for being the people you are, for loving me the way I am, I adore you guys! For knowing me that well..and for wanting the best for me..Love you guys! : )

8:12 AM

Monday, January 22, 2007
Watched Metrosexual at Tampines Mall just now with my cousin.

Was kinda good though the storyline was a simple one. 4 girlfriends trying to expose that their other gf's future husband is a gay. What set me laughing was the sexual innuendos in their script and of course the thai language. So kecoh and sorry if I'm being rude but darn farnie...Haha..

Also the movie gives tips on how to tell if a guy is gay, since in Thailand where the sex industry thrives, we never know if yor husband is gay, transexual or homo..Haha..So anyway its a must see on a Monday-Wednesday..to destress..But i paid 9.50 for it. A little too pricey for this kinda shows..

12:20 AM

Saturday, January 20, 2007
Dun feel up to adding posts on what I've been up to..

Anyway hope you enjoy the new songs I've added to my playlists. These are the stuff I've been listening to on my mp3 player.

Have also added a cartoon video in my 'tag' and also my countdown timer. Heh shall keep it a secret as to what am I counting down on to yar..heh..

Heard Africa in the car with my parents. Hah..I have an old soul my Aunt said. I think most of us do enjoy the old songs our parents listen to..They're 'simpler' and calming to listen to compared to the digitally engineered music we listen to these days..

Waiting for ugly betty vidoes to upload and gonna watch it soon enough..

Take care all..

It only gets better after this. It better.

11:24 PM

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Here's wishing to all my friends and those readers of my blog, a very Happy New Year.
May the new year bring joy, wisdom and happiness to us all. May it be a year of dreams fulfilled and goals achieved.

Ushering in the new yr I had some matters of the heart issues to settle. Some call it closure, some may call it 'letting go and moving on'. Anyway, had that settled come the new year and I'm determined to do either of it. Am gonna touch a bit on this tonight before i zonk to bed.

So i was reading some sites about how to let go. I mean how technical can i be right but i guess these stuff helps coupled with a few friends' past experiences with it.

So this was what i can remember off hand:

Letting go means to know that there is nothing you can do to help the situation. That your best is really enough (some may argue, your best isn’t enough). It means to not take centre stage in that person’s life or to let that person take centre stage in your life. It means to know that the person has to grow as a person but it is not with you. It means to allow yourself the chance to grow and experience other aspects of life with other people. It means giving yourself the chance to love yourself once more and not to be tied down to the grief and anger of the heartbreak. It means to smile again and live life. (the last few sentences is by me..heh..feeling inspired)

Anyway, this isn’t restricted to romantic relationships but can be applied to a parent-child relationship where the parents are holding on to their baby girl and boys, thinking that they can forever hold on to their babies though they’re all grown up.

I personally feel that in any relationship, there has to be a degree of ‘letting go’. Be it parents, lovers, friends or siblings. It’s when you feel that you have no control over the outcome of the situation and that you trust that things will turn out for the better. It’s this liberation that you feel inside that the other party will do what’s best. If on the contrary you refuse to ‘let go’, would mean an anxious and worried you. An angry and unhappy you that hasn’t let go of the past and forever feels that things could’ve been different. You’d be thinking ‘if only you/I didn’t…’ By letting go, you’re realizing that holding on will only bring you pain and you’re denying yourself of the possibility of happiness.

2006 was a year of many happenings and great emotional journey. But I’ve learnt a lot about myself and what’s important in life. Once again, I wish 2007 a great year for all of us!

1:25 AM


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