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Saturday, December 31, 2005
Ash was sent for his castration..yes yes not sterilization..

This is me making appointment:

Me: Hi, I'd like to make an apoointment for the sterilization of my cat.
AMK: Ok, first time?
Me: Yar..(how many times need a cat be sterilized?)
AMK: Ok the earliest dates for a castration surgery will be on the 29th.
Me: Urm..okay castration..29th? I'll get back to you on that..Thanks!

Castration sounds so...unforgiving and punitive...

Anyway i picked Ash up and he was so silent on the way home..he wobbled his way out of his cage..must be the GA that was given to him..He didnt eat much too..

AMK: No scratching, no playing,no stretching for 1 week ok?
Me: Okay..
AMK: Or else his stitches will burst..
Me: uh..Okay okay..(Burst? Oh gosh!)

10:18 AM

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Pet shop nearby the night market we went to: This pretty baby is sooo cute! I was stroking its nose and it licked my finger! Awww....

12:00 PM

Before dinner at The Curve.. Posted by Picasa

11:49 AM

Family Portrait: Mummy, Daddy and Me! Posted by Picasa

11:48 AM

Managed to capture this shot before getting on the bus heading home! Posted by Picasa

11:43 AM

Checking out... Posted by Picasa

11:40 AM

Okay here's the deal.

I'm gonna be doing a few posts on what has been up and happening in my life. Updates that should've been done already these past weeks!

So the trip went well. We had fun. Though was not in the mood for shopping..weird..1 weird incident was went we got back late from dinner. Liza was all hyped up to go down to the hotel pool. So we all changed and haaha...the door to the pool was closed! So me with my semi-wet "swimming clothes" went to change again. Good news was before we left, we went down to the pool. Which made Liza a very happy lady.

Evon bought 2 goose feather pillows. Said it was very cheap. Silly thing we did. Right in the middle of the atrium where they sold the pillows, she urged me to put my head on them to test out. Haaha..1 cute moment with Evon.

Liza and Ais went crazy over Daidee..caught the moments on my hp video. Haaha...will find a way to share it..

Maz was like a Mother Chicken as usual. Dont take camera shots in public lest they know we're tourists..It was driving me nuts..But it was just Maz being Maz..worrying about us as always.. =)

Vincci shoes in M'sia are cheaper and nicer than back in Sg..And somehow they love the shoes in Vincci..Hmmm....

All in all it was a treasured memory cuz it was my Virgin trip overseas with my friends. A memory we'll always remember.. Ironically before we even reached home, we were planning when to go to JB next to go shopping....Girls will be girls...

11:23 AM


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