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Sunday, September 04, 2005
Confirmed going to KL this coming Dec holidays! With my girlfriends..Wow! My first trip without my parents! Of cuz my parents had their concerns..'You girls walk down there and the mats (hungry wolves) stare and disturb how?'..'Later you all come back so late..No adults'..'You girls know your way onot?'..Sigh..But at last they realised their little girl can manage herself...Hurrah...Horray! HAD to make sure my cousin will accompany us ard though..I myself no confidence getting ard there..the public transport quite confusing!!

Also changing my phone to a Nokia 6630 on 14 Sept. At last! A phone with a cool camera to boot! At last i do not have to be so near tigers with the risk of getting eaten up, to snap them with the camera..At last i do not have to keep my phone in my bag when others are excitedly capturing images with the hps...At last!!! (i know i sound so ridiculous but well..It's my blog! HAAHA..)

Considering watching Quidam with friends. Heard its really cool. Now that I'm earning i can finally catch those incredible acrobats in action..The tickets quite ex though..Maybe can sneak to thoes VIP seats after transmission...Keke...so gonna have to cut down on my other merepek buying next month!

Work is piling but can make it! Crossover..crossover..


8:49 PM

Thursday, September 01, 2005
Hey check this out...

In this website..www.wellnessgoods.com..there is an article about how water reflects our conscience....its really cool..it was a research done by a Japanese scientist..

Check it out..its a must...Amazing!

1:03 AM

Today was my first Teachers Day dinner of the many more to come..

Wanted to back out at first but a friend was saying its good for networking..sigh..so i did..Bit apprehensive abt meeting people tt i have not seen for 2 months..

But anyway, it turned out quite okay..had the lucky draw and the theme was 'movie stars'..The teachers were very 'on' one came in a dracula suit, Tom hanks in Castaway, lara croft, cleopatra, juliet, my supervisor as John travolta in grease..and many more..Didnt know Greenwood teachers very on..Haaha...but it was fun..Heard many rented at House of costumes nearby bugis or something..hmmm...

Tomorrow the students get the day off! But not for NIE student-teachers..Crap...still have class tmr..and quiz somemore...Roman system, Babylonian system, Mayan, base 5....am gonna keep on chanting this in my dreams...i gotta ace this quiz!!


12:33 AM


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