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Sunday, July 30, 2006
These are just somethings that i wonder as i go along through life..

1. Why people tattoo themselves knowing fully well that they'd age and their skin will sag. Thereby, their tattoo will not look as great on a taut body?

2. Why people are willing to insert beads into their skin as if tattooing their bodies arent enough? (scarification)---> scary...yes!

3. Why girls hang onto their exes after their break-up? Dun they know that 85% of guys turn jerks afer break-up? I mean who are you kidding? Its not friendship you want!

4. Why people spend loads on skin care but they smoke at the same time?

5. Why people forbid u to try smoking but they smoke themselves?

These are just somethings i wonder. Directed to nobody watsoever. If you do feel the pinch though, think about it.

12:33 PM

Saturday, July 29, 2006

I celebrated Maz's birthday today with Aisyah. The whole afternoon and night was with my dear friend who has been with me through my highest and lowest points of my life. For that my friend, i thank you! Love you babe!

Anyway, started the day with Mendaki till noon and we had lunch at Banquet CWP. The laksa wasnt too great though. Anyway we proceeded to Dhoby Gaut to buy Maz her Adidas bag. I started singing Happy BD to her as i passed to her the paid bag over the counter and the staff was smiling and wishing her as well..=)

We actually planned to have a cake and the candles and all its works at marina square food loft cuz of the great great scenery. But Liza couldnt make it so asked Aisyah to distract her while i sneak out on the basis of going to the ladies, to buy her a cake from Secret Recipe..borrowed lighter from one of the staff...
Maz was definitely touched..=)

Anyway pictures speak more than words..So here they are..

11:44 PM

Sunday, July 23, 2006
I was missing Esplanade so much that i decided to have dinner with Maz yesterday. Besides Maz hasnt been to Esplanade before so i though I'd play tour guide to her..=)

Before that I was in an SLC (Service Learning Club) meeting after Mendaki. Oh yes, I've joined SLC after being cornered by Sulaiman. Its for the good of Service Learning he says. Anyway i believe i'd have much to learn being in the Comm. I'm also not the type to sit idly by in NIE. Heh..

Right, back to my evening out with Maz. We had dinner at Hot Halal Cafe again. Tried the Sunset Strip, non-alcoholic mocktail! Was great though the Woo Hoo was better..Went to watch a live band perform as well..Was nice..Music was great. We also went up to the top of the Esplanade. It'd have been very nice if not for our usual Mats and Minahs making a fool of themselves as usual. They just spoil the whole experience!!

Captured some shots. Enjoy.
Oh yes, Maz is totally not a photographic person and she says i take great shots cuz of the great scenery. It takes a person who can capture great shots to have great shots right? Nvm, good friends punya pasal tutup telinga sudah..haha..Let's just say sour grapes..=P

1:52 PM

17th July to 21st July was Racial Harmony Week.

My school had all of the staff and pupils wear the traditional costumes to celebrate the week.

The pupils recited the Religious Harmony Pledge and proceeded to class. Was pretty much uneventful and i was busy preparing for my observation by my CT.

But here are some photos i captured with the other trainees! Enjoy!

We have Mandy in the purple baju kurung, Yuen Hwa in green baju kurung, Xiang Hong in his orange Wushu outfit (god knows why he wore that!), Me in punjabi suit and Maz in her white baju kurung with flowers!

1:14 PM

Tuesday, July 18, 2006
The link is already up for those who have not seen my pictures for my project trip.

Will write about the trip soon!

10:00 AM

My cousin from KL came down on the day after my gathering with my Sec 2 class.

We had an evening out at Esplanade. Decided to bring her there to show off our Durian Masterpiece. =) Anyway, it was a great evening out, almost romantic..haaha..Had dinner at Hot Halal Cafe. Of which i must recommend the sandwhich which has a crispy bread-like burger and the tasties turkey (smt like BK but nicer!) for only less than 10 bucks.. Their speciality drink is also great..and funny thing they call it Woo Hoo! Haaha..The service is great! A place i recommend people to go for dinner before their dates by the bay.

Managed to catch a shot of the esplanade with my new camera! Enjoy the pics..Figuring out a way to post my pics on my blog using flickr ..so till then pls make do with these!

9:34 AM

Had a gathering last saturday at Cheng Ngai's place for my Sec 2 gathering. A class that I'd never forget cuz of all the fun we had..

It was great seeing everyone again and had to thank Danny for organising and Cheng Ngai for having us at his place..

Some girls are in NUS/NTU, the guys are entering Uni and some have ORD-ed. Our dear teacher Mr Hasrin was also there and he looks unchanged since most of us have changed a whole lot..

We went on to Long John's at Northpoint which personally brought a lot of memories for me and I know the rest as well.For me it was the place me and my friends hung out at after my Girl guides on Sat afternoons in Secondary school. Was a nostalgic day spent with classmates that you had a lot of fun and shared a lot with.
It was not awkward connecting with my friends again..I guess all these 7 years of non-contact has not made any difference to our friendship ironically!

We even have a blog specially for our class and Danny thought of a class jersey for all of us..Haaha..so Secondary school but a cool idea i must say..

We also decided to make it a yrly affair of meeting up rather than every 7 years..=)
That day was good and memorable. To view my sec 2 class blog, i proudly present you..http://www.2f99.blogspot.com

Like Mr Hasrin says this class and these friends will always have a place in our hearts and memories! Cheers to that!

8:49 AM

After a very long silence from me..Here it is..my latest post!

This is where i sit in the resource room of this school.

I guess I should reamin tight-lipped ab the school I'm attached to.Jus to cover my bum in case certain things might happen if i post my views on things about the school that people do not agree with.

It'd be no problem here of cuz since all i have to say about the school now are just good things..Haaha..for now of course..

Anyway am currently teaching this smart class Primary 5 and it's difficult to gain their attention cuz they're all smart alecks. I assigned them to do section e and f..most of them have done till section i and j..which drives me nuts..Private tutors should have the responsibility not to cover topics that teachers have not taught in schools yet. This makes these smart alecks complacent and shake legs in class. What is the use of teachers if private tutors are around right?

Sigh..am just ventilating..but am having fun with them cuz they're smart and when you're sarcastic with them, they actually get it instead of just keep silent..=)

Was previously observing 2 other teachers called Cooperating teachers aka CT for 3 weeks..very long..yes..But teachers are not so creative during lessons as time is short and syllabus has to be covered. Sad fact.

To those of you who do not know already, teaching is not the honourable, easy and fun profession as it used to be. It ain easy mate! Constantly reminded by one of my CTs that now teaching is 30% teach, 70% admin.

2 more weeks and a couple more observations and am back in NIE. Time really flies..

Will be showing some pics of my project to India soon in my blog. Stay tuned!

8:30 AM


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