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Saturday, June 25, 2005

Make your own scent. I don't use perfume much but it's the thought that counts and aww...looks so pretty! Posted by Hello

7:31 AM

The gorgeous wrapping Andre and the girls gave.  Posted by Hello

7:28 AM

Had a bbq with my fellow contract teachers yesterday evening. Was fun setting up the fire, skewing the food and fanning it and such. The chatting/discussion session was also interesting.

They suprised me with a body shop gift. How sweet. It went like this..We reached Northpoint to do groceries for the BBQ. Latha says need to go Body Shop to get some stuff. I dragged Khai to RotiBoy to try it out since she hasnt tried the delicious, sumptuous buns before.Latha met up with us later in Cold Storage. She asked me to hold it for her. Weird considering she has nothing to hold. Anyway being the polite person tt I am, held on to it for her. Even at the cashier, i told her to get back her Body shop bag so i can help Khai to carry the groceries out of the store. She says no u carry this, i will carry the groceries. Hmm...all too weird for me. OF cuz those real close to me will know how absolutely obtuse i can get sometimes. Haaha...Maz, Liza and Ais should know!

At the taxi stand while Khai went to NTUC to get some marshmellows for later, I asked Latha what did she get for her friend..She says open it and you'll know. Since it's wrapped up nicely, i said dun wan la..So nicely wrapped, what for open..She says you gotta open it anyway. Hmmm....realisation struck that my sweet friends got for me the gift!! Thanks you guys!! I really thought you guys have forgotten!!

Life are for moments like these! Life are for moments when you thought your friends have forgotten to get you a gift when you have taken great effort in getting their birthday gifts, but in the end suprise you with one! Life are for moments you know that you are remembered in their lives..


6:51 AM

Monday, June 20, 2005
I went to KL on Fri, 17th June. We left Tuas checkpoint at ard 3 pm. My dad let me drive from the Tuas checkpoint onwards to the North South trunk road. Dun ask me what N-S trunk road is. Cuz i have no idea. My sense of direction in M'sia is terrible. Anyway, it was okay except my stopping at the Plaza Tol was quite bad. Dad was kancheong. I had my leg on the brake but he put handbrake and change the gear to Nutreal. The car was also way far from the person handing me my ticket. Bleh, it was basically terrible. It was basically straight driving until we reached the trunk road where all those big lorries, more vehicles drove past us, fast. Dad took over saying my judgement of overtaking is not there yet. And M'sian drivers are terrible. This is of cuz quoted also by the Dr Mahathir himself. "M'sians are very nice, caring people. But put a steering wheel in front of him and he becomes a different person".

Hmmm....I also observed that Singaporean drivers are the ones using the direction indicators. What does it say about us? Law-abiding, practical people. Practical cuz we know tt in Singapore it's no use beating the traffic lights. It will mean more money being forked out. So it's not worth it.

All in all, the trip was a relaxing social visit. Caught up with my relatives there. For the first time we were not on the ball. Everything was spontaneously done. For once it felt like a holiday where we didnt have to rush here and there and tire ourselves silly. Next on my destination list, Bali or Bangkok. I need a change of scenery. Better start saving up now!

Of cuz the thing that I wonder is why are M'sians different people on the roads?
Leave your comments people.

10:27 AM

Monday, June 13, 2005
This is a list of people who have remembered my birthday. Thanks a lot you guys, even though it was a phone call or an sms. It means a lot.

I believe thanking is a great way of telling people they're appreciated. A great way of telling them what they do, counts in your life. We have many things to be grateful and thankful for. Let's not take things for granted.

8:54 PM

Thursday, June 09, 2005
After much deliberation, I decided to put this post up. This topic was stumbled upon over a phone conversation with a good friend. We always will talk about it when we visit this particular fast food restaurant .

An example of how a typical food order process will go before Fizah got wiser;

Person behind the counter (PBTC): Hi, can i have your order please?
Me: Hi..I would like to have meal 2. Eating here. (Meal 2 consists of a small coke and etc..costing $2.95 approximately)
PBTC: Your drink, regular or large?
Me: Regular.

Food is handed to me and i pay $3 plus. I always wondered how come the extra charge was always there. Was never fussy. So didnt complain.

An example of how a typical food order process will go after Fizah got wiser;

PBTC: Hi, your order please?
Me: Hi..Meal 2. Eating here.
PBTC: Your drink, regular or large?
Me: No, small please. (trying hard not to smile smugly at PBTC, thinking "You didnt get me this time! It didnt work!")

My friend and I would always complain and get fed-up by why they always assumed we want regular or large sized drink! I mean did we look as if we were dying of thirst there or what? Geez...

For those of you out there..This is just for your information. You might already know which restaurant I'm talking about.

P/s: At this moment, Ash just jumped onto my lap..No wait..he climbed onto me with his nails hanging by my legs..Performing a cliffhanger. Kittens!

10:29 PM


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