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Monday, October 02, 2006
Hi all..

Been pretty much lazy and busy to update but well this is what I've been up to these days/weeks..Now in campus waiting for class to start. Hate Mondays cuz i end at 630!

My 'daddy' was admitted to hospital on last Thursday so had to be driver for 'mummy' and send her food supplies to the shops that order her food. Was occupied with this from Thurs to Sat afternoon. Went to JB, City Square after tt to celebrate Mum's birthday. 1 day late but better late than never..hah..Yet to get her Metro Voucher..man..

Oh yeah Mum got a job at CCK. Hopefully this time she sticks with it..Heh..Taking care of those pre-sch students can be pretty draining for a lady who is no longer young..

Went to JB, City Square last Thursday with my bestest mates to basically shop around and break fast. Had a great time. had my fav Jacket Potato at Kenny Rogers.

Had my recess last week. Had to complete DED and DCE assignments. Thankfully its done. Put in a lot of effort for my DCE. Hope to get an A for that man.

Currently am being the liason person for Jabbar's trip to Surabaya. Am myself applying to go to Aceh end of this year. Have always wanted to go there. Hopefully i get through the interview. If not, will be helping Jabbar with his trip.

NIE has an ATM machine now!! It's about time! Previously only NTU side has an ATM, so NIE students have to walk over to get our cash. Now with the new ATM, more convenient for us! After all, NIE students are the ones with cash yea? Haaha..

A few more assignments still awaits my attention these few weeks. It's also the fasting month, so it's good that I'm not wasting money on food and time on eating out. Haaha..save money, save time for assignments..

Oh yar, managed to go to KL for the weekend ard 2 weeks back. My other uncle was seeking alternative treatment in Shah Alam for his high blood pressure. By alternative treatment, I mean not the hospital doc but some divine gift to a surgeon who set up his own clinic saving lives. It all seemed a little unbelievable but my uncle underwent a surgery and was able to walk that same day. He was even fetching us from our bus pick up point a few days later. There are a lot of benefits with this treatment as the healing process is very fast. Cheaper. No stiches were on my uncle's back. This fella is also very much sought after, including our fellow Singaporeans irregardless of race. My uncle's back only had scratch marks after the operation, can you believe it? Amazing..Miracle.

Also managed to spend time with my cousins. Was out with the 3 male cousins. Haaha..all my bodyguards. Didnt manage to get the DVDs i wanted. But the ones i got like Da vinci code was really clear. great copies.

Well, will be watching my Charmed season 8 now. Take care all!

2:15 PM


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